Setting the Date and Time on the DNS

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This operation guide describes how to configure date and time on the DNS during deployment.



  • Log in to the server as user root through telnet.
  • Modifying the server time results in the change of time at the Solaris bottom layer, thus resetting or invalidating all timers that depend on the operating system. To avoid the function failures resulting from invalid timers, stop the DNS services first. During this process, the performance data and alarm data of managed NEs are not processed in real time. After the DNS services are restarted.
  • You must first modify the time zone if the time and the time zone must be modified.


  1. Check system date and time.
    # date
  2. Set the system date and time.
    # date mmddHHMMYYYY.SS
    http://localhost:7904/pages/31185199/02/31185199/02/resources/public_sys-resources/icon-note.gif NOTE:
    • mm indicates a month.
    • dd indicates a day.
    • HH indicates an hour.
    • MM indicates a minute.
    • YYYY indicates a year.
    • SS indicates a second.
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