Interface Processing Subsystem for BSC6900

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The interface processing subsystem provides transmission ports and resources, processes transport network messages, and enables interaction between the BSC6900 internal data and external data.


  • The interface processing subsystem provides the following types of IP and ATM interfaces.
    • E1/T1 electrical ports
    • Channelized STM-1/OC-3 optical ports
    • Unchannelized STM-1/OC-3 optical ports
    • FE/GE electrical ports
    • GE optical ports
  • The interface processing subsystem processes transport network messages and, also hides differences between them within the BSC6900.
  • On the uplink, the interface processing subsystem terminates transport network messages at the interface boards. It also transmits the user plane, control plane, and management plane datagram to the corresponding service processing boards. The processing of the signal flow on the downlink is the reverse of the processing of the signal flow on the uplink.
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