GBSS License Control Item Description-About Feature Sales and Control

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1. Application Description
1) Service Description
The feature sales and control are implemented by license control items. The license control item controls the functions and available resources of a feature. It consists of License Control Item ID and License Control Item Name. The license control item is classified as follows:

  • Hardware capacity license: represents the hardware specifications and processing capability of the network equipment.
  • Software license: It consists of Basic Software license and Optional Feature License. Basic Software license is obtained after you purchase the basic software package. For Optional Feature License, you can purchase the corresponding licenses after determining the sales features to be introduced to your network based on actual conditions.

2) Documentation Description

  • Do you know information about all GSM license control items and their relationships with the controlled features?---License Control Item Description lists the details.
    The license control item includes the license control item ID, license control item name, feature ID, feature name, and supported NE type.
  • Do you want to learn more about the GBSS license principles, categories, management procedure, and application procedure?---License Management Feature Parameter Description provides the information you need.

 2. Highlights
In GBSS15.0 and later, License Control Item Description is added so that you can conveniently find the mapping between licenses and features in License Control Item Description.
If you need information about license control items in GBSS14.0 or earlier, contact Huawei technical support for help.
If you have any other related needs or some good suggestions, leave a message in this post. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.  

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