[UGW9811] Security Configuration

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

Security configuration consists of mandatory configuration, recommended configuration, and optional configuration.

Mandatory configuration refers to the configurations that the system administrator must implement for system security after network deployment is complete. For example, after network deployment is complete, the password information may be disclosed and consequently the system was illegally invaded or damaged if the default password of the system account is not modified in a timely manner.

Recommended configuration refers to the configurations that are recommended for the security administrator to harden system security during product commissioning.

Optional configuration refers to the configurations that the security administrator implements to harden system security based on actual conditions.

The Security Configuration and Security Management Description describe security capabilities and recommended configurations from the perspectives of equipment security, cyber security, application security, and operation and maintenance security.

2) Documentation Description

2. Highlights

a. Every configuration task under Security Configuration includes scenarios, prerequisites, procedure, and verification, instructing users to complete each task step by step.

b. Integrates various security techniques and measures to improve equipment security.

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Security Configuration



Security Configuration



Security Configuration


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