UGW9811 GULs

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1. Application Description

(1) Service Description

This document uses graphical user interfaces to introduce the local maintenance terminal (LMT).

LMT is the software that runs over the operation and maintenance terminal. The LMT communicates with the back administration module (BAM) on the SRU/MPU of the UGW9811 through the local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). Therefore, the LMT enables the operation and maintenance of the UGW9811.

(2) Documentation Description

The LMT provides the authority management, alarm management, device maintenance, and message tracing functions through a graphical user interface (GUI):

2. Highlights

A. Message tracing interfaces are provided, and parameters on these interfaces are described in detail in tables.

B. Methods for querying and processing alarm information are provided for fast fault location and rectification.

C. Procedures are illustrated using texts and figures, facilitating operations.


3. Reference Documents




UGW9811 GUIs



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useful document, thanks
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