RAN Feature Parameter Description

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

With the development of the mobile internet technology, more and more services are processed on networks, including voice services and video stream services. The network architecture becomes more complex and bears more features. Transmission and security become the major concern of operators.

The occasion when a feature can be used (during network deployment or maintenance), impacts of a new feature on the network, feature planning, and feature deployment and verification are also focuses of customers.

Such information is contained in Feature Parameter Description.

2) Documentation Description

The RAN Feature Parameter Description is classified into the following types by network mode:

l  Single-mode Feature Parameter Description: describes the implementation principles and configuration of a feature in UMTS only mode. The document cover has the letters "WCDMA RAN."

l  Multimode Feature Parameter Description: describes the collaboration of a UMTS feature with at least one of the GSM and LTE modes. The document cover has theletters "SingleRAN."

In addition, common features for a single mode (such as GBFD-160210 BTS Supporting PKI Redundancy, WRFD-160275 NodeB Support PKI Redundancy, LOFD-070212 eNodeB Support PKI Redundancy, and TDLOFD-070212 eNodeB Support PKI Redundancy) are contained in the same Feature Parameter Description document, and the document cover also has theletters "SingleRAN."

The Feature Parameter Description document for a single feature consists of the parts shown in the following figure. Such a document structure facilitates feature planning, deployment, and maintenance.



2. Highlights

The RAN Feature Documentation provides hyperlinks to Parameter Reference, MML Command Reference, and Performance Counter Reference.




3. Reference Documents




WCDMA RAN RAN20.1 (For Customer)RAN20.1 Feature Documentation (HDX)-EN
WCDMA RAN RAN19.1 (For Customer)RAN19.1 Feature Documentation (HDX)-EN

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