Detecting a Path Failure in PS domain

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A  signaling message request or response has probably been lost if a response has not been received before the T3-RESPONSE timer expires. The request is then retransmitted if the total number of request attempts is less than N3-REQUESTS times. The timer shall be implemented in the control plane application as well as user plane application for Echo Request / Echo Response. A path is considered to be down if no response message is received for a specified number of times (N3-REQUESTS x N3QUOTIETY times). The N3QUOTIETY parameter is the one configured by using the SET UGTP command.  The N3QUOTIETY parameter shall be configurable per procedure. The number allowed for repeated timeout in this mode is N3QUOTIETY times of that in the protocol mode. As a result, the criterion for determining path failure gets less strict.

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documentation very useful for my job

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very useful document for my regular O& M activity. Thanks.
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