Iu release complete in 3G PS

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The IU RELEASE COMPLETE message shall include within the RABs Data Volume Report List IE for each RAB towards the PS domain successfully addressed and for which data volume reporting was requested during RAB establishment, the total amount of unsuccessfully transmitted DL data for the RAB since its establishment.If the release was initiated by the UTRAN, for each RAB towards the PS domain for which the DL GTP-PDU Sequence Number IE and/or the UL GTP-PDU Sequence Number IE are (is) available, the RNC shall include the available sequence number(s) in the RABs Released Item IE (within the RAB Released List IE) in the IU RELEASE COMPLETE message.

The RAB Release Item IE shall not be present if there is no sequence number to be reported for that RAB. Reception of an IU RELEASE COMPLETE message terminates the procedure in the CN.

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good document. thanks
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very useful document.
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thanks for the doc

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