IP CIC for A/Iu Interface in Pool

mafiz   白金会员    发表于 2014-5-15 18:15:18   最新回复:2014-05-15 18:15:18

In the MSC pool networking, after the IP-based A/Iu interface is employed, the resources of the A/Iu interface are shared by the MSC servers in the pool. The MSC server is unaware of the resource usage of the A/Iu interface between each MGW and the BSC/RNC, and unable to select load-sharing UMG8900s based on the resource usage of the UMG8900s. Therefore, the number of virtual IP CICs of the A/Iu interface must be set on the UMG8900, and the UMG8900 reports the number of available IP CICs to the MSC servers in the pool in real time.
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