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karma.deker   白金会员    发表于 2014-8-21 17:11:26   最新回复:2014-08-22 15:38:43

x00106333   金牌会员    发表于 2014-8-21 19:15:57



What about this poster?  You can down it from



karma.deker   白金会员    发表于 2014-8-21 19:29:15

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Thanks for the share..
x00106333   金牌会员    发表于 2014-8-22 15:31:35

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Thanks for the share..
karma.deker Posted on 2014-08-21 19:29

Hi karma.deker,

you can download more wireless network posters from


However, it is not all. We are making a plan for techinal posters. Any other poster you need, please let us know :)

x00106333   金牌会员    发表于 2014-8-22 15:38:43

Video and Technical Poster are all popular with globe customers.

However, what is your preference?

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