RF Unit ALD Current Out of Range

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RF Unit ALD Current Out of Range

This alarm is reported when the current supplied by the RF unit to the antenna device through feeder or multi-wire cable is beyond the normal range.

The antenna device can work normally, but some secondary functions of the antenna device fail.

Reason may behind for this alarm:

  • The preset ALD current threshold of the RF unit is incorrect.
  • The feeder connector is loose or waterlogged.
  • The feeder is deformed.
  • The jumper between the feeder and the antenna device is loose.
  • The ALD power supply circuit of the RF unit is faulty.
  • The antenna device is faulty. 

Need to check TMA is phsically installed or not.If TMA is not installed but configured in BSC, we need to deactivate the TMA.

MML commands:

* SET BTSTMAPWR.(Tributary No:0, TMA Power Supply Enabled)

* SET BTSRXUBP(Antenna Tributary 1 Flag:ON, Antenna Tributary 2 Flag: OFF, ANT_A ALD Power Switch : ON, ANT_B ALD Power Switch: OFF)

In MRFU, there are two ports for TMA .  If there is one MRFU/cell  then both port is connected to TMA . If there is two MRFU/cell then ‘port A’ of both MRFUs  are to be connected to TMA. The port  connected to TMA  will have the  status  “YES”.

In case of one MRFU/cell both ports’ status should be “YES”

In case of two MRFU/cell  “Antenna Tributary 1 Flag” status should be “YES”

If there is no TMA then both ports’ status should be “NO”

For activation:1,then 2

For deactivation: 2 then 1

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thanks bro for your experience note 

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if there is no TMA, then the alarm will appear or not.?
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Important alarm for TMA
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documentation very useful

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useful document, thanks
Have a nice day
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