RAKE Receiver

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RAKE receiver:

RAKE receiver is used in CDMA-based (Code Division Multiple Access) systems and can combine multipath components, which are time-delayed versions of the original signal transmission. Combining is done in order to improve the signal to noise ration at the receiver. RAKE receiver attempts to collect the time-shifted versions of the original signal by providing a separate correlation receiver for each of the multipath signals. This can be done due to multipath components are practically uncorrelated from another when their relative propagation delay exceeds a chip period.

In a word, Combination or multi-path components and signal from different cells.


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very good post
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Good knowledge sharing

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Nice WCDMA info
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interesting ..like it
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Combination or multi-path components and signal from different cells. 
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Need this type of post more and more

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This document is very well done

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