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WCDMA Codes:

In WCDMA two separate codes are used in the spreading operation

–Channelization code

–Scrambling code

Channelization code

–DL: separates physical channels of different users and common channels, defines physical channel bit rate

–UL: separates physical channels of one user, defines physical channel bit rate

Scrambling code

–DL: separates cells in same carrier frequency

–UL: separates users

Orthogonality of Spreading Codes:

Like Walsh Codes Used in IS-95 CDMA,

OVSF codes are :

? Orthogonal with each Other and Their Inverses:

? Orthogonality = Equal Number of Matches and Mismatches

* Voice Channels Uses the OVSF Code with a SF (spread factor) of 128 
* The CPICH channel is always spread with the first 256 bit OVSF code, is denoted by Cch, 256,0
* The P-CCPCH is always spread with the second OVSF code with length 256 bits: Cch, 256,1 .
* All other channels are assigned OVSF codes by the network.


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