Abis Over IP

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 Abis Over IP


The feature Abis over IP makes it possible for the operators to use an IP
infrastructure for transmission of signaling and payload between BSC and BTS. 


The feature Abis over IP uses the same packetized Abis framework as Abis
Optimization, the packet gateway, PGW, is used to terminate IP on the BSC side.
On the BTS site IP is terminated in the Site Transport Node for RBS, STN.


Compared to TDM networks, Abis over IP provides significantly higher
transmission capacity per bandwidth resource, since it uses the same packetized
framework as the feature Packet Abis over TDM. The bandwidth is utilized more
efficiently by letting signaling, speech and data share the same wideband
connection. The transmission capacity is used like a pool of resources. All
transmission resources are occupied only when they are actively used. Transport
sharing with other services, such as 3G, is also possible when using Abis over  IP.


Using IP transport on the Abis interface the operator can substantially
lower the cost for operation and maintenance of transport
networks. IP networks also give a more cost effective transmission
compared to E1/T1 based transmission.


Benefit of Abis Over IP

This feature adapts to All IP development trend of future
transport layer and protocol development.


The Abis interface incorporates the features such as high
bandwidth and low cost deployment, and it does not have any restrictions on the
BSC capacity.

 The low IP network deployment cost, short construction
period, and easy maintenance effectively reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of operators.


Main changes to move towards Abis Over IP

Upgrade to Abis over IP requires new hardware

IP Interface board is needed in Abis interface: FG2a/FG2c/GOUa/GOUc

FG2a/FG2c board supports IP over Ethernet transmission.

GOUa /GOUc board supports IP over Ethernet transmission.

GCUa/GCGa board performs the clock function.

For sync either IP clock server or GPS option is required.
For GPS, client board at BTS end is required:

This feature and the following features are mutually exclusive:

? Ring Topology

? BSC Local Switch

? Flex Abis


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good doc.
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Good Short note on Abis over ip...
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thanks for the doc

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This document is very well done

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