RAN License Control Item Description

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1. Application Description
1) Service Description
A license control item controls functions provided by a feature and available feature resources, and consists of license control item ID and license control item name. License control items can be classified into the following types:
l Hardware license: reflects the processing capability of the current hardware.
l Software license: includes license control items for basic software packages and optional features.
2) Documentation Description
(1) To obtain information about all RAN license control items and the mapping between license control items and features, see License Control item Lists. The document consists of BSC6900/BSC6910 and NodeB lists and covers the following license information:
a. License control item ID
b. License control item name
c. Feature ID
d. Feature Name
e. NE
(2) To obtain more details about licenses for hardware and basic software packages, see License Management.
(3) To know more about license control items of optional features, see the Feature Parameter Description of a feature.
2. Highlights
3. Reference Documents

Solution Version  Link
WCMDA RAN RAN20.1  License Control Item Lists
WCDMA RAN RAN19.1  License Control Item Lists 
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