AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate)

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AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate)

AMR used in cellular technology is said to provide the highest quality of speech clarity for remote mobile phone communication at the lowest possible cost. AMR is thought to be a very adaptable speech codec for many different radio channels. The AMR can adjust itself by providing extra bits to help correct errors when the channel conditions are bad, while still providing only a minimum amount of bits during good channel conditions. This quality means that the AMR has more bits available for speech coding than other speech codecs.

AMR is an adaptive multi-rate voice coding/decoding, which is termed full-rate speech version 3 and half-rate speech version 3 in GSM specifications. AMR enables the BTS and the MS to automatically select an appropriate coding/decoding rate from the specified ACS according to the interference level in the radio environment. This enhances the anti-interference capability and the speech quality of the wireless communication system.

AMR is classified into AMR FR and AMR HR.

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