Troubleshooting: Failure to Activate a Roaming User due to an Incorrect APN OI

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lFault symptom:
A user of network A roams to network B and sends an Activate PDP Context Request message that carries APNNI<Internet> to network B. By tracing the relevant messages, you can find that the SGSN returns "Activate PDP Context Reject" that carries the cause "Missing or unknown APN"(0x1b).

lFault location:
pCheck whether the user is a local user.
pCheck the value of VPLMN address allowed in the subscription data. 
pCheck the default values of APN-NI and APN-OI on the SGSN.

pSet VPLMN Address Allowed in the subscription data to True.
pIf the user has not been subscribed to the service. This is not an error and thus troubleshooting is not required.

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This document is very well done

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Nice troubleshooting doc . I love it.
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well described troubleshoot doc. Thanks.
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