Troubleshooting: GGSN Response Timeout during SM

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lFault  symptom:
The trace result shows that the SGSN sends the Activate PDP Context Reject message carrying the 0x1E cause value "Activation rejected by GGSN.“

lFault location:
 In the user trace task, check whether the SGSN sends the Create PDP
Context Request message to the GGSN. If the SGSN does not receive a response message returned by the GGSN within T3 x N3 seconds, it indicates that a GGSN processing error occurs.

p1. Check that the GGSN address in the message is correct.
p2. Check the IP connections between the SGSN and the GGSN.

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documentation very useful for my job

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nice fault handling  doc. Thanks for share...:)
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good post. thanks.
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good post
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