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The MME Pool feature enables multiple mobility management entities (MMEs) to serve the same radio area (MME pool area) simultaneously. The MMEs in the pool are connected to the E-UTRAN NodeBs (eNodeBs) in the pool area. These connections enable the MMEs in the pool to share resources and service loads. The load-sharing policy on an eNodeB determines which MME user equipment (UE) can access. That is, the eNodeB must detect the status of MMEs. If the eNodeB detects that an MME is unavailable, the eNodeB promptly adjusts the load-sharing policy and assigns new access requests to other available MMEs. In addition, the eNodeB must obtain the load weights of the MMEs. Then the eNodeB selects an MME for the UE based on the load weights.

 Table 1 Benefits of this feature
For... Benefits


The MME Pool feature provides the following benefits to operators:
  • The MME pool can help MMEs share resources and loads, which fully utilizes the capacity of each MME and reduces investments.
  • The MME pool can realize network disaster tolerance and improve network reliability.
  • When the UE moves within an MME pool area, some of the nodes may remain unchanged. This can reduce message traffic caused by node changes.




NEs Involved

 Table 2 NEs involved in this feature










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What is the diff of MME Pool & SGSN Pool?
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Its like SGSN pool.................
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