CG Flexible CDR Processing

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The CG9812 provides various functions of processing CDRs to meet carriers requirements on CDR formats. These functions involve receiving and buffering CDR files, converting the format of CDRs, and sorting CDRs.

In general, the BS of a carrier has special requirements on the format of CDRs. For example:

  • A carrier requires to convert the binary format of the original CDRs into the binary, text or ASN.1 format of the final CDRs.
  • A carrier requires to extract some specific fields from original CDRs to form new CDRs and then provide the new CDRs for the BS.

To meet the requirements on various CDR formats, the CG9812 provides the function of configuring and converting the format of CDRs flexibly. The functions of processing CDRs are described as follows:

  • Receiving and buffering CDR files
  • Merging CDRs
  • Sorting CDRs
  • Converting the format of CDRs
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documentation very useful for my job
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Thank for the doc.

How long can i store the CDR in CG?

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useful document, thanks
Have a nice day
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