CDR Processing Functions of CG

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The CG9812 provides various CDR processing functions. For example, the functions of filtering duplicate original CDRs, sorting CDRs, generating final CDRs, and deleting outdated CDRs automatically.

  • Avoiding Repetition or Loss of Original CDRs

    The CG9812 uses GTP to receive the CDRs generated by the CG9812 in real time. This prevents repetition or loss of CDRs.

  • Sorting CDRs

    The CG9812 stores final CDRs in different channels based on specific sorting conditions. You can configure the rules for sorting final CDRs as required. For example, the CG9812 can sort final CDRs by CDR type and then store them by type in different directories. The CDR sorting function of the CG9812 meets the requirements for the BS on different charging strategies and helps the BS to process CDR files.

  • Generating Final CDRs

    The CG9812 converts original CDRs to final CDRs and then provides the final CDR files for the BS for charging.

  • Storing CDRs
    • Storing original CDR files

      The CG9812 stores the received or collected original CDRs on the disks as original CDR files with a fixed size.

    • Storing final CDRs

      The CG9812 processes original CDRs, generates final CDRs, and stores the final CDRs on the disks as final CDR files.

  • Deleting Outdated CDRs Automatically

    The CG9812 can delete original CDRs and final CDRs automatically.

    The original CDRs and final CDRs are stored as CDR files. You can set storage time for them. Once the time for storing the original CDRs and final CDRs exceeds the preset value, the CG9812 deletes these files automatically.

Charging Interface Functions

The CG9812 uses flexible charging interfaces. The charging interfaces provide the following functions:
  • Supporting the FTP ,SFTP and FTAM protocols between the CG9812 and the BS
  • Supporting the configuration of CDR file names, file size, and file generation duration
  • Supporting flexible conversion between CDR formats

Backing Up CDR Files Through a Network

The CG9812 can back up CDR files in real time to the storage devices on other computers on a network. This improves data security.

At present, the commonly used backup schemes are as follows:

  • Backing up CDR files to a third-party server
  • Backing up CDR files to the other CG9812 server
  • Backing up CDR files to a tape drive
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Yes eG-CRD is required for RG based charring Gy interface............... 
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Yes eG-CRD is required for RG based charring Gy interface............... 
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Can i have the difference betn GCDR & eGCDR?
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