Product features of Eudemon 8080E/8160E

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Enhanced Security

The Eudemon 8080E/8160E adopts the leading NP + multi-core CPU + distributed architecture in the industry. Compared with traditional firewalls, the Eudemon 8080E/8160E makes a great breakthrough in performance and provides powerful processing capability, various services, strong security defense and extensibility.

Compared with those software firewalls based on a common operating system, the Eudemon 8080E/8160E adopts a specially designed hardware platform and a secure operating system with independent intellectual property right. Its packet processing is totally separated from operating system, which greatly increases the security of the system.

The Eudemon 8080E/8160E uses the ACL to filter packets and defends against dozens of types of attacks. All these can effectively protect networks.

High Reliability

The Eudemon 8080E/8160E uses two power modules (1+1 backup), which are backup for each other. The system functions normally when the power is switched. In addition, SFUs adopt 3+1 load balancing and redundancy mode. When one Switch Fabric Unit (SFU) fails or is being replaced, the other three SFUs automatically take over its services so that interruption does not occur.

Eudemon 8080E/8160E supports the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), the VRRP Group Management Protocol (VGMP) and the Huawei Redundancy Protocol (HRP), and dual-system hot backup. It is highly reliable for carrier-class networks.

High-speed Processing Capability

The Eudemon 8080E/8160E is a carrier-class high-end firewall. The NP technology and the Multi-core CPU technology are used to implement high performance security defense and packet processing at line speed. At the same time, the Eudemon 8080E/8160E can also support thousands of access control list (ACL) rules.

Powerful Networking and Service-Supporting Capability

The Eudemon 8080E/8160E is equipped with various security defense functions to provide highly effective security safeguard capabilities. In addition, the Eudemon 8080E/8160E is integrated with the routing function , such as dynamic routing based on Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), and static routing. The Eudemon 8080E/8160E can also support routing policies, routing iteration, and routing management. So, networking applications of the Eudemon 8080E/8160E are more flexible.

Powerful Log and Statistic

The Eudemon 8080E/8160E provides complete and uniform log descriptions. The types of logs are as follows:

  • Attack defense logs

  • Traffic monitoring logs

  • Blacklist logs

In addition, The Eudemon 8080E/8160E provides powerful statistics and assistance in security analysis and aftermath backtracking.

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documentation very useful for my job
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