Busy-Hour Bandwidth Control over Low-ARPU Subscribers (GPRS/UMTS Network)

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During busy hours, a large number of low-average revenue per user (ARPU)
subscribers who subscribe to monthly packages with no traffic limit (for
example, 5-dollar monthly packages) consume many network
resources. However, carriers do not significantly benefit from these
subscribers. On the other hand, high-ARPU subscribers (for example,
subscribers who subscribe to 100-dollar monthly packages with no traffic
limit) cannot obtain sufficient network
bandwidths during busy hours. This situation results in reduced user
experience for high-ARPU subscribers.

To alleviate network resource insufficiency during busy hours,
carriers can use busy-hour dual-threshold flow control policies for the
low-ARPU subscribers to ensure resource usage of high-ARPU subscribers.

Figure 1 Busy-hour bandwidth control over low-ARPU subscribers


As shown in Figure 1, when the mobile station (MS) or data card is activated and starts to
access services, the UGW9811 reports daily and monthly traffic volume to
the policy and charging rules function (PCRF). The PCRF delivers
different control policies based on the daily and monthly traffic
volume. If traffic volume during busy hours exceeds a specified daily or
monthly threshold, rates are limited to optimize network resources and
increase carriers revenues.

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