SelfCare/E-Care Solution

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Huawei SelfCare/E-Care solution is a Web application that provides accurate, timely and detailed information for all its subscribers, who are granted 24-hour remote access to account data. Meanwhile it is also an end-to-end self-service solution enabling subscribers and partners of operators to view and analyze their own account information, financial documents, activate/cancel and send feedback to operators in a simple and flexible way. The solution also provides operators a new platform for special services and advertising, which improves the marketing capabilities of operators.


Huawei SelfCare/E-Care solution provides full electronic self-service channels for end users including account management, e-billing and payment inquiries, trouble ticket and inventory management, and is also a web-based value-added product. The self-management of end users not only improves the operating efficiency, but also enhances the satisfaction of enterprise-level and long-term customers.

Out-of-the-Box Function Store

Huawei SelfCare/E-Care solution, with 80% of Huawei Customer Care business functionalities, provides various levels of service for different subscribers, such as system administrator, customer service representative, enterprise user and individual user.

Meanwhile it integrates a number of services from external systems. For instance, authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) certification center, single sign-on (SSO), content management (CM), presentation management (PM), e-Shop including product ordering, e-Care, business service, statistical reports, system monitoring, and information security protection and so on.

4-Tier Architecture to Facilitate System Integration

Huawei SelfCare/E-Care solution deploys the system based on the four-tier architecture of the user interface layer (UI), business layer, database layer and uniform interface platform layer. The UI layer is responsible for the management of static elements and presentation; The business layer handles business logic and customer requests; The database layer controls the database management and stability of backup nodes; The unified interface platform takes charge of providing a variety of interface protocols to support the interaction between E-Care and external systems. The data presentation and service request are implemented through seamless integration with Huawei CRM and provides the powerful support of accurate marketing positioning with the closed-loop integration of Huawei Campaign Management.

Extensible and Scalable Network Architecture

The network application deployment of Huawei SelfCare/E-Care is constructed in four tiers and each tier can be scaled separately:

Load Balance Tier

? Ensure high availability for business logic & presentation tier

Web Server

? Static element management
? Presentation tier

Application Server

? Business logic tier

Database Server

? Database tier
? Hot standby node for higher stability

Localized Platform for Global Users

Huawei SelfCare/ECare solution provides a multi-platform system integrated with local services for users worldwide, and can be customized according to needs of different countries.

Smart E-Care

Huawei SelfCare/E-Care is a smart system that can record the detailed information for each step of customer operation and analyze customer behavior trends.

Service Security Assurance

Huawei SelfCare/E-Care solution provides:


? Determines the scope of user of certificates
? Manages the lifecycle of certificate

Security Socket Layer (SSL):

? Transfers private information security
? Shifts token security

Token Digital Signature:

? Ensures the integrity and non-repudiation by authenticated certificate
? Guarantees the installed plug-in security

Applications & Benefits

Huawei SelfCare/E-Care solution widely serves for most of the top global operators, including B-Mobile in Brunei, Ncell in Nepal, OMC in Singapore, Telfort in Netherlands, , Bravo in Saudi Arabia, Sudatel Expresso in Senna Garr, , CellC in South Africa, MTN in Cote d’lvoire and Novator in Iceland.

In September 2005, China Mobile Shandong took the lead in deploying Huawei SelfCare/E-Care solution. In the next few years, it was deployed by branches of China Mobile including Hebei, Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, Chongqing, and Ningxia.
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