Digital Home (IPTV)

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Our end-to-end, convergent IPTV solution helps operators solve key problems on IPTV construction and operation from various aspects, such as system integration, service operation, operation support, and future sustainable development.

Our Solution

Rich service experience

Provide rich audio and video services such as Live TV, Video On-Demand (VOD), Near VOD (NVOD), Time Shift TV (TSTV), TV On-Demand (TVOD), Personal Video Record (PVR), and Network PVR (nPVR).

It also provides innovative and differentiated value-added services such as information browsing, interactive advertising, interactive games, interactive guessing game, and online transactions.

Standard and open system structure

Provides an end-to-end, standard and open system structure. The key components, such as the middleware and media server, provide standard and open system interfaces and terminal interfaces, and support smooth expansion and evolution of the system and services.

Leading media presentation and distribution capability

Provides the EPG with rich experiences and EPG templates for subscribers to select, and supports optimal content distribution, storage and load balancing strategy, and multi-level distribution networking.

Convergence-oriented media center solution

Supports smooth evolution to the Convergent Digital Media solution that realizes the convergence of media and communication, and the fixed network and mobile network.

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