Service Design for the UPCC

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 There are four combinations of conditions and actions. Required configurations are as follows:

  1. One quota

    Only one quota needs to be configured because traffic volume is accumulated for session-level service flows.

  2. Four condition groups

    Each condition group contains two conditions: RAT type and monthly traffic volume.

  3. Four action groups

    Each action group contains two actions: QoS bandwidth changing and usage reporting.

    The bandwidths for UMTS services are not limited. You need to set ChargingAction in an action group for UMTS

  4. One service flow

    Service flows must be configured in dynamic PCC rules. One service
    flow is configured because PCC is performed based on subscriber sessions
    regardless of service types.

  5. Four rules

    Each rule contains the configured condition groups and action groups.

  6. Three policies

    Three policies are used to trigger IP-connectivity access network
    (IP-CAN) session establishment, usage status change, and RAT change
    (between GERAN and UTRAN) rules

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