IPv6 over IPv4 GRE Tunnel

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The IPv6 packet can be carried over the IPv4 GRE tunnels. When carrying the IPv6 packet, the IPv4 GRE tunnels are called IPv6 over IPv4 GRE tunnels (GRE tunnel for short). Like the IPv6 over IPv4 manual tunnel, a GRE tunnel is a link between two nodes, with a separate tunnel for each link. The tunnels are not tied to a specific passenger or transport protocol, and only carry IPv6 as the passenger protocol and GRE as the carrier protocol.

The GRE tunnel is also manually created on the border devices at the tunnels. You need to statically specify the source IPv4 address and destination IPv4 address of the GRE tunnel. Unlike the manual configured tunnel, the GRE tunnel can be set to check the GRE packet header and to authenticate the tunnel keyword to enhance the tunnel security.

The GRE tunnel is used to connect border devices, or connect a border device and a host system. Both the host and the device on both the ends of the tunnel must support the IPv4 and the IPv6 protocol stacks.

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documentation very useful for my job

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useful doc
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