Huawei DNS Supporting IPv4 SRV Record Query

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The DNS server finds the hostname set corresponding to a domain
name and sends the hostname set to the client to implement load sharing
among nodes.
The DNS server supports IPv4 SRV record query, helping the client select an optimal node based on the load sharing principle.

Figure 1


  1. DNS Server-1 receives a request message from the DNS client. The
    request type is SRV. Based on the NAME field carried in the request
    message, DNS Server-1 obtains SRV record list, which includes the
    information about the server, such as the domain
    name, priority, weight and port number of the server.
  2. DNS
    Server-1 includes the SRV record list in RDATA in the response message
    which it returns to the DNS client. If the IP address corresponding to
    the domain name is available on DNS Server-1, then DNS Server-1 includes
    the IP address in the additional
    section field returned to the DNS client.
  3. Based on the priority
    and weight in the returned SRV record list, the DNS client selects a SRV
    record, then initiates a request for obtaining A records to DNS
  4. DNS Server-2 includes the IP address in RDATA in the response message which it returns to the DNS client.
  5. If
    the IP address corresponding to the DNS client field is not available
    on DNS Server-2, DNS Server-2 returns a response message in which RDATA
    is empty.

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This document is very well done

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Yes it support IPv6.Thanks..........
mjali   白金会员    发表于 2014-5-28 16:15:27

Huawei DNS also Support IPv6 SRV Record Query................
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