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Certificate Summary
HCIA-Routing&Switching certification validates the knowledge and skills required for basic configuration and maintenance of small to medium-sized networks.

HCIA-Routing&Switching curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following:
Network fundamentals;
Basic connection methods of popular networks;
Basic network construction;
Troubleshooting of common network faults;
Installation and commissioning of Huawei routing and switching devices.

With HCIA-Routing&Switching certification, you demonstrate a basic understanding of small and medium-sized networks, including general network technologies, and the ability to assist the design of small and medium-sized networks, and implement the designs using Huawei routing and switching devices.

With engineers who are HCIA-Routing&Switching certified, enterprises are able to construct simple networks and integrate voice, wireless, cloud, security, and storage technologies into their networks in order to support a variety of applications.

Certificate Prerequisites
Exams & Examination Fee
Exam Code Exam Name Exam Fee Language Exam Outline Mock Exam
H12-211 HCIA-Routing&Switching
(Huawei Certified ICT Associate)
200USD English/Spanish/French/Portuguese Exam Outline Mock Exam
Recommended Training
Certification Exam Classroom Training e-Learning Course Training Plan
H12-211  HCIA-Routing&Switching Training Material HCIA-HNTD Entry e-Learning
HCIA-HNTD Intermediate e-Learning
Training Plan
With the advances of ICT technologies, Huawei certification content will be updated and optimized irregularly. Recertification can renew the validity of a certificate, and ensure that certification complies with the latest development trend of ICT technologies.

Re-Certification Method:

Certification Period of Validity Vaildity of Recertification Recertification Method Period of Invalidity
HCIA-Routing&Switching Three years Three years


Same as initial certification
Remarks: Within period of validity, new certificate is valid through three years starting from its certification date.
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Certification Procedure:
Certification Procedure

《HCIA-Routing&Switching Networking Study Guide》by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

This book is a study guide for Huawei (HCIA) certification. It has been written to help readers understand the principles of network technologies. It covers topics including network fundamentals, Ethernet, various protocols such as those used in routing, and Huawei’s own VRP operating system―all essential aspects of HCIA certification. Presenting routing and switching basics in depth, it is a valuable resource for information and communications technology (ICT) practitioners, university students and network technology fans.

《HCIA Networking Study Guide》