HCIA-Cloud Computing V3.0 Exam

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 HCIA-Cloud Computing V3.0  Exam

 1.(Single Answer) An user rents VMs from a cloud service provider for daily use and returns them when traveling. Which of the following key characteristics of cloud computing does this reflect?
     A.  On-demand self-service
     B.  Location-independent resource pool
     C.  Pay per use
     D.  Elasticity

 2.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following are cloud computing deployment modes?
     A.  Public cloud
     B.  Private cloud
     C.  E-Government Cloud
     D.  Hybrid cloud

 3.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following aspects reflect that the virtualization technology of cloud computing improves the resource usage?
     A.  VM resource adjustment
     B.  Memory overcommitment
     C.  Improving server usage
     D.  Automatic application deployment

 4.(Single Answer) HyperDP is a backup management software of Huawei FusionSphere. Which level of backup is it used for?
     A.  Storage level
     B.  Host level
     C.  VM level
     D.  OS level

 5.(Single Answer) Each IT administrator in an enterprise manages 1500 devices and the fault response is quick. Which of the following devices is most likely used?
     A.  Physical server
     B.  Virtual server
     C.  Virtual desktop PC
     D.  Physical PC

 6.(T or F) When FusionAccess is deployed in branches, users in the branches cannot connect to desktop cloud systems if networks between the branches and the headquarters are interrupted.

 7.(Multiple Answer) Huawei provides end-to-end cloud computing solutions covering hardware and software. Which of the following hardware components is optional in the Huawei cloud computing solutions?
     A.  Server
     B.  Load balancer
     C.  Firewall
     D.  TCs

 8.(T or F) When deploying Huawei desktop cloud, users must use TCs to access the desktop cloud.

 9.(T or F) VRM is the core management component of FusionCompute. It implements IT service orchestration, provisioning, and automatic management, as well as cascading management.

 10.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following functions are based on Huawei Virtual Image Management System (VIMS)?
     A.  Thin provisioning
     B.  VM snapshot
     C.  Storage migration
     D.  Linked cloning

 11.(Multiple Answer) Administrators in the FusionManager system can be granted the ServiceAdmin and OperationAdmin roles. Which of the following descriptions of the two roles is CORRECT?
     A.  The OperationAdmin role focuses on service operations.
     B.  The ServiceAdmin role focuses on resource pool construction, management and maintenance.
     C.  The ServiceAdmin role focuses on service operations.
     D.  The OperationAdmin role focuses on resource pool construction, management and maintenance.

 12.(Single Answer) Which of the following functions does the FusionAccess WI provide?
     A.  It provides a web login page for users.
     B.  It is used to balance web access loads.
     C.  It is a desktop access protocol gateway that isolates internal and external networks and encrypts transmission.
     D.  It exchanges information with the HDA in the VM and collects information about the VM operating status and access status reported by the HDA.

 13.(Multiple Answer) What are the two factors in FusionAccess USB key authentication?
     A.  USB key hardware
     B.  Domain account
     C.  User fingerprint
     D.  PIN code

 14.(Single Answer) In the Huawei FusionSphere solution, if HA needs to be triggered to migrate VMs to other servers in the event of a server failure, which of the following conditions is not mandatory?
     A.  The hosts must be in the same cluster.
     B.  HA has been enabled for the cluster accommodating the host.
     C.  The hosts are connected with the same shared data store.
     D.  VMs that require the HA function use the same network IP address segment.

 15.(Single Answer) FusionManager can be installed in many ways. When FusionManager is deployed in a VMware virtualization environment, which of the following installation mode is recommended?
     A.  FusionManager installation using an ISO image.
     B.  FusionManager installation using a template.
     C.  Automatic PME installation.
     D.  FusionManager installation using either the ISO image or the template.

/ 1  C    / 2  ABD    / 3  ABC    / 4  C    / 5  C    / 6  F    / 7  BCD    / 8  F    / 9  F    / 10  ABCD    / 11  CD    / 12  A    / 13  AD    / 14  D    / 15  A