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Certificate Summary
HCIA-AI certification is intended to popularize AI and help understand Deep Learning and Huawei Cloud EI, and learn the basic capabilities of programming based on the TensorFlow framework, as a motive to promote talent training in the AI industry.

The HCIA-AI curriculum includes but is not limited to:
AI overview, Python programming and experiments, mathematics basics and experiments, TensorFlow introduction and experiments, Deep Learning pre-knowledge, Deep Learning overview, Huawei cloud EI overview, and application experiments for image recognition, speech recognition and human-machine dialogue.

With HCIA-AI certification, it will prove that you systematically understand and grasp Python programming, essential mathematics knowledge in AI, basic programming methods using TensorFlow (a machine learning and Deep Learning framework), pre-knowledge and overview of Deep Learning, overview of Huawei cloud EI, basic programming for image recognition, speech recognition, and human-machine dialogue. With this certification, you have required knowledge and techniques for AI pre-sales basic support, AI after-sales technical support, AI products sales, AI project management, and are qualified for positions such as natural language processing (NLP) engineers, image processing engineers, speech processing engineers and machine learning algorithm engineers.

Enterprises with HCIA-AI-certified engineers have the basic understanding of AI technology, framework, and programming, and capable of leveraging AI, machine learning, and Deep Learning technologies, as well as the open-source TensorFlow framework to design and develop AI products and solutions like machine learning, image recognition, speech recognition, and human-machine dialogue.
Certificate Prerequisites
Exams & Examination Fee
Certification Exam Code Exam Name Version Exam Fee Exam Outline Mock Exam
HCIA-AI H13-311 HCIA-AI V1.0 200 USD Exam Outline Mock Exam
Recommended Training
Certification Training Version Classroom Training e-Learning Course Training Plan
HCIA-AI HCIA-AI Training V1.0 Training Material e-Learning Training Plan
With the development of network technologies, the contents of the Huawei Certification are updated or optimized from time to time. Through re-certification, we can ensure the relevance and effectiveness of the qualification in keeping up to date with the evolving and latest trends in network technologies.

Re-Certification Method:

Certification Period of Validity Validity of Recertification Recertification Method Period of Invalidity
HCIA-AI Three years Three years

Recertification Method

Same as initial certification
Remarks: Within period of validity, new certificate is valid through three years starting from its certification date.
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Certification Procedure:
Certification Procedure