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Certificate Summary
HCIE-Data Center (Huawei Certified ICT Expert-Data Center) is an ICT convergence certification, which validates the expert-level knowledge and skills required to plan, design, operate and maintain large and medium-sized cloud data centers.

The HCIE-Data Center curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following:
cloud data center solutions, network and security design, computing and storage network design, cloud data center unified management, cloud data center disaster recovery and backup.

With HCIE-Data Center certification, you demonstrate the deep understanding of large and medium-sized cloud data center mainstream solutions and technologies, and have the ability to plan and design, operate and maintain L2-L4 of the cloud data center, Such as network, security, computing, storage, virtualization and etc.

With engineers who are HCIE-Data Center certified, enterprises are able to:
design and maintain large and medium-sized cloud data center, or offer the ability of design and maintain cloud data center to their customers.
Certificate Prerequisites
Certification Training Requirement Qualification Requirement
HCIE-Data Center   N/A Five years relevant work experience is suggested
Exams & Examination Fee
Certification Exam Code Exam Name Exam Fee Version Exam Outline Mock Exam
HCIE-Data Center H13-431 HCIE-Data Center(Written) 300 USD V2.0 Exam Outline Mock Exam
HCIE-Data Center H13-432 HCIE-Data Center (Lab) 1200 USD V2.0
HCIE-Data Center H13-433 HCIE-Data Center(Interview)
Recommended Training
Certification Training Version Classroom Training e-Learning Course Training Plan
HCIE-Data Center HCIE-Data Center Training V2.0 Training Material -- Training Plan
With the advances of ICT technologies, Huawei certification content will be updated and optimized irregularly. Recertification can renew the validity of a certificate, and ensure that certification complies with the latest development trend of ICT technologies.

Re-Certification Method:

Certification Period of Validity Vaildity of Recertification Recertification Method Period of Invalidity
HCIE-Data Center Two Years Three Years Recertification Method Same as initial certification
Remarks: Within period of validity, new certificate is valid through two years starting from its certification date;
                 if in grace period, expiry date of the previous certificate applies to the new one.
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