HCIA-WLAN V2.0 Exam Outline

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1. HCIA-WLAN V2.0 Certification Exam
This article introduces the H12-311 HCIA-WLAN V2.0 exam outline, the other exam outline can be obtained in related training materials or Huawei Online Learning Website:https://support.huawei.com/learning.

Certification Exam Code Exam Name Language Duration Pass Score/
Total Score
HCIA-WLAN H12-311 HCIA-WLAN V2.0 CHS/ENU 90 min 600/1000

2. HCIA-WLAN V2.0 Exam Outline
2.1 Exam Content
The HCIA-WLAN V2.0 exam cover WLAN Basis and principle, Huawei WLAN product introduction and configuration, Fat AP and Fit AP architecture, WLAN Networking Introduction, Huawei WLAN product features and access security configuration, WLAN network planning  and troubleshooting and so on.
2.2 Knowledge points
1).WLAN Historical , WLAN Standards Bodies, WLAN RF Principles, WLAN Frequency Bands
2).Huawei WLAN Product, VRP Introduction and Basic Configuration, The basic operation of the AC
3).WLAN Topologies, 802.11 Protocol, 802.11 Physical Layer Technology, CAPWAP Fundamentals, WLAN Networking and Configuration
4).Huawei WLAN Product Features Introduction, WLAN Roaming, WLAN Security Introduction, WLAN Access Security and Configuration Introduction
5).802.11 MAC Layer Introduction, 802.11 Media Access Control, Antenna
6).WLAN Basic Network Planning Introduction, WLAN Planning Scheme and Typical Cases Introduction, Huawei WLAN Planner
7).eSight Function and Wizard Configuration Introduction, WLAN Troubleshooting

The content mentioned in this article is just a general exam guide; the exam may also contain more related content that is not mentioned here.
2.3 Reference
Huawei Certified HCIA-WLAN V2.0 Courses
Huawei WLAN Product Manuals

2.4 Recommended Training
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