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1.(Single Answer) What is the maximum bandwidth per port of a 12 Gb/s SAS card in an OceanStor V3 storage device?
     A.  12 Gb/s
     B.  24 Gb/s
     C.  36 Gb/s
     D.  48 Gb/s

2.(Multiple Answer) Select all that apply. Which functions are provided by the ACC module?
     A.  Fixed-length compression
     B.  Fingerprint computing
     C.  Hardware acceleration
     D.  Reducing CPU load

3.(Single Answer) What is the heigth of the High Density disk enclosure?
     A.  2U
     B.  3U
     C.  4U
     D.  6U

4.(Single Answer) Which protocol provides the fastest transfer speed?
     A.  10 GE iSCSI
     B.  FCoE
     C.  FC
     D.  Infiniband

5.(Single Answer) Which cable is used for connecting the Infiniband I/O module?
     A.  Cat 6
     B.  FDR
     C.  Serial
     D.  Mini SAS HD

6.(Single Answer) An application Server cannot access a Snapshot volume. This is because?
     A.  The Snapshot is not activated.
     B.  The Snapshot is activated.
     C.  The Snapshot is locked.
     D.  The Snapshot is being replicated.

7.(T or F) HyperSnap supports incremental synchronization.

8.(T or F) HyperClone supports writting to both the primary and secondary LUN.

9.(Single Answer) Users of HuaweiStorageSystem A are requesting higher performance for their OLTP application. The OLTP
application is the only system using HuaweiStorageSystem A.
A colleague suggests improving performance by running SmartQOS on the LUNs involved, while decreasing the performance of other
services. This is;
     A.  Not a solution to the problem, the other services will no longer work correctly.
     B.  A solution, but not the best solution; SmartPartition would be better.
     C.  A good solution for the problem; performance will improve.
     D.  Not a solution for the problem, since there will be only one queue of I/O.

10.(Single Answer) Application Server X needs to access data on StorageSystem X with multipathing software X and data on third-party StorageSystem Y with multipathing software Y. The combination of multipathing software is generating errors. A colleague suggests using SmartVirtualization to represent the data on third-party StorageSystem Y in an eDevLUN on StorageSystem X. This is:
     A.  Not a solution to the problem, the multipathing software X will now generate errors.
     B.  Not a solution to the problem, the data still resides on StorageSystem Y.
     C.  A solution to the problem, we can remove the multipathing software Y once the eDevLUN is available.
     D.  A solution to the problem, but only if we disable StorageSystemY once the eDevLUN is available.

11.(Single Answer) Which of the following statements about SmartErase is/are true.
A) SmartErase allows a disk whose data has been erased to be reused after a data destruction task is completed?
B) SmartErase deletes data, that belongs to a specific LUN, permanently from disks to prevent it from being recovered by unauthorized users using residual data?
     A.  Statement A is true and Statement B is false.
     B.  Statement A is false and Statement B is true.
     C.  Both statements are true.
     D.  Both statements are false.

12.(Single Answer) What is the default port for DeviceManager?
     A.  8008
     B.  8080
     C.  8088
     D.  8888

13.(Single Answer) When exporting logging from within OceanStor Toolkit, we can select;
     A.  XLS format
     B.  CSV format
     C.  TXT forma
     D.  XML format

14.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following features are used for data migration solution?
     A.  SmartPartition
     B.  SmartVirtualization
     C.  SmartQuota
     D.  SmartMigration

15.(Single Answer) Which redundancy mode is adopted by the power supplies in the OceanStor 5300 V3 with 2 U enclosure?
     A.  2+2
     B.  2+1
     C.  1+1
     D.  4+4

16.(Single Answer) What is Oplock used for in the CIFS sharing?
     A.  Oplock is a client caching mechanism that allows clients to dynamically decide when to send the server requests, so the network traffic and workload of the server can be minimized.
     B.  To inform a client that the directory changes
     C.  To allow all users to access shares without authenticating their passwords
     D.  To save the access permission settings for all users or user groups

17.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following statements about SmartQuota of the OceanStor 5300 V3 are incorrect?
     A.  Quota trees can be shared through protocols and cannot be renamed or deleted during sharing.
     B.  Files can be relocated across quota trees.
     C.  Files cannot be relocated across quota trees.
     D.  Root quota trees can be deleted on the DeviceManager.

18.(T or F) SmartDedupe of the OceanStor 5300 V3 is supported only by the thin file system.

19.(Single Answer) What technology is used in SmartDedupe of the OceanStor 5300 V3?
     A.  SHA256
     B.  SHA256
     C.  SHA128
     D.  SHA1

20.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following statements about diagnosing the OceanStor 5300 V3 are correct?
     A.  View particular alarms before general alarms.
     B.  View external errors before internal errors.
     C.  View advanced errors before low-level errors.
     D.  Replace faulty devices before viewing alarms or errors.

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