Release Notice For Huawei Certification HCIE-Storage V1.5

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Dear Customer,
Huawei Certification HCIE-Storage V1.5 has been released overseas on June 15th
, 2016.


Huawei offers ICT workers three levels of technical certifications: associate, professional, and expert. These certifications cover all ICT fields, including IP, IT, CT, and ICT convergence. Furthermore, Huawei launches a complete line of industry-specific competence improvement solutions based on its thorough understanding of various industries. These industries include telecommunications, electric power, government and public sector, finance, energy, transportation, and enterprise.
HCIE-Storage V1.5 is the field specialist certification focusing on channel engineers. HCIE-Storage V1.5 contains Huawei OceanStor Converged storage systems, Big Data storage system, Storage Solutions (Backup and Disaster Recovery), Data Migration and integrations with virtualization and database applications. Based on Huawei's years of experience in cultivating ICT talent, this training product will deliver a high-quality training experience to trainees.


HCIE-Storage V1.5 is intended for those who want to be elite in storage area and hope to deeply understand Huawei storage knowledge. These people could be from Huawei internally, Huawei partners and even enterprise customers. Through systematic study of HCIE-Storage V1.5, students will obtain a comprehensive understanding over information storage technology and capability of complex application of storage area. Meanwhile, they would be able to master the design, deployment, maintenance and optimization of information storage solution within ICT data center, and establish enterprise information storage platform by using Huawei storage products.
HCIE-Storage V1.5 includes items as listed below:
1. HCIE-Storage V1.5 Training Outline
2. HCIE-Storage V1.5 Exam Outline
3. HCIE-Storage V1.5 Training Materials(PPT)
4. HCIE-Storage V1.5 Studying Materials(PDF)
5. HCIE-Storage V1.5 Lab Guide
6. HCIE-Storage V1.5 Timetable
7. HCIE-Storage V1.5 Equipment List
8. HCIE-Storage V1.5 Lab Administration Guide(Released on June 30th,2016)


3.1 The training materials
HCIE-Storage V1.5
Module Quantity(ppt) Content Duration (Days)
OceanStor Converged Storage 1
  • Summary of OceanStor Converged Storage Features
  • OceanStor Converged Storage Performance Tuning
  • Troubleshooting OceanStor Converged Storage
Big Data Storage 3
  • Big Data Storage Technologies
  • FAQs About Advanced Features of Big Data Storage systems
  • OceanStor 9000 Planning and Design
Storage Solutions  8
  • Introduction of OceanStor Storage Solution(Backup and DR)
  • OceanStor Backup Solution Planning, Design, Installation, Deployment, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Disaster Recovery Data Center Solution (Active-Passive Mode) and BCManager
  • Active-Active Disaster Recovery Data Center Solution (HyperMetro)
Data Migration 3
  • Introduction of OceanStor Data Migration Solution
  • SmartVirtualization–based Data Migration Solution
  • LUN Copy–based Data Migration Solution
Database Integration 2 Integration with database (Oracle Database and SQL Server) 0.5
Virtualization Integration 1 Integration with virtualization (FusionSphere/VMware/Hyper-V) 1

[Note] HCIE Storage V1.5 is the first English version of HCIE-Storage. This version is marked as V1.5 since it is developed based on HCIE-Storage V1.5 in Chinese.

3.2 Lab

HCIE-Storage V1.5
Module Lab Scenario Lab Duration (Days)
OceanStor Features, Performance and Troubleshooting OceanStor V3 best practice on SQL server 2012 0.5
Big Data Storage OceanStor 9000 file sharing 0.5
Storage Solutions Oracle backup
Oracle disaster recovery (HyperReplication, HyperMetro)
Data Migration Data migration solution with SmartMigration 0.5
Database Integration / /
Huawei Virtualization Integration Solution VMware, FusionSphere scenarios 0.5

3.3 Training duration
HCIE-Storage V1.5 training duration is 10 working days. (Attendees are recommended to have HCNP knowledge before attending the training).

3.4 HALP Resource

HCIE-Storage V1.5 Description
Device List HCIE-Storage V1.5 Equipment List.
HALP Enabling HALP Enabling will be held in June
HALP Certification Pass the written examination, experiment, trial lecture


HCIE-Storage V1.5 exam includes 3 parts.
1) Written exam contains mnemonic, comprehensive, analytic and applicative exam items and the questions can be classified into the following 3 types: Single Response, Multiple Response and True or False. The exam has taken effect on May 15th , 2016.The Prometric website link is:
2) Lab exam includes the following scenarios: Oracle backup scenario (LAN-Base/LAN-Free), Oracle active/standby redundancy scenario (Sync/Asyn remote replication),HyperMetro redundancy scenario, OceanStor 9000 file sharing scenario, and data migration scenario (SmartMigration). 3 scenarios will be sifted out randomly every time in order to check the practical operation capability and project experience.
3) Interview mainly inspects students’ knowledge of technology from perspectives of depth and breadth, and also ICT engineering project experience and thinking (capability of solving unknown problems).

Certification Program Exam Code Exam Title Exam Location Exam Time Pass Score /Full Score
HCIE-Storage V1.5 H13-629 HCIE-Storage (Written) Prometric 2 hours 600/1000
HCIE-Storage V1.5 H13-630 HCIE-Storage (Lab) LVC 8 hours 80/100
HCIE-Storage V1.5 H13-631 HCIE-Storage (Interview) LVC 1 hour 80/100


The lab environment maintains the general topology structure as same as HCIE-Storage V1.5, to minimize the impact on the purchased equipment of partners (HALP).
For detailed equipment models and lab experiments, please refer to HCIE-Storage V1.5 Equipment List and HCIE-Storage V1.5 Lab Guide.


HCIE-Storage V1.5 certification has been released overseas to support channel and internal engineers, as well as graduates and external engineers wishing to attain associate level certification and proficiency in supporting complex storage network and solution.


All related materials can be found within the Enterprise BG (EBG) Training and Certification Department Server. For those wishing to obtain these course materials, please contact the assigned contact person to request for access permission.
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