Huawei Certification System Upgrade Notice

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This document is issued to notify the upgrade of Huawei’s certification system. The system upgrade will officially start on January 2, 2019. This upgrade will allow our certification services to have the unified brand, follow the latest ICT technological trend, and meet the company’s requirements on long-term strategic development.

1 Upgrade Contents

Huawei is now upgrading its certification architecture from “ICT infrastructure certification”, “ICT developer certification”, and “ICT vertical certification” to “ICT infrastructure certification”, “Platform and service certification”, and “ICT vertical certification”.

Huawei Certification categories upgrade from nine (HCNA, HCNP, HCIE, etc.) to three , namely HCIA, HCIP, and HCIE.  Here, the letter I refers to ICT, short for information and communications technology.

Table 1 Mapping relationship between the existing and new certificates.


Before Upgrade After Upgrade
HCNA: Huawei Certified Network Associate HCIA: Huawei Certified ICT Associate
HCVA: Huawei Certified Vertical Associate
HCNP: Huawei Certified Network Professional HCIP: Huawei Certified ICT Professional
HCDA: Huawei Certified Development Associate
HCDP: Huawei Certified Development Professional
HCIE: Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert HCIE: Huawei Certified ICT Expert

2 Upgrade Plan

The certification system will start to apply the new naming rules from January 2, 2019, and begin to issue certificates with new names from February 1, 2019.

3 Remarks

The upgrade will not impact the validity of existing certificates. All related certificate, documents, notices, brochures, and marketing materials are still effective. For details about the mapping relationship between the existing and new certificate names, refer to table 1.


● Will the existing certificates still be effective upon the upgrade?
Existing certificates are still effective during their validity periods.

● Some training materials are still using the old names. Will this upgrade impact our training sessions?
The upgrade will not impact any training sessions. Students can acquire the latest version training materials from the Huawei website.

● Will this upgrade bring any change to certification tests?
No. This upgrade changes only certification names. Test scales and questions remain unchanged. However, we need some time to gradually upgrade the test system, so certification test will continue to use the only names for a certain period of time. Students can join tests according to their test codes.

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