Huawei Certification System Upgrading and Recertification Rules

Publication Date:2019-03-01 16:32:45     Hits:726Times
In line with Huawei's long-term strategy and following the latest ICT trends, Huawei has officially updated its certifications as of January 2, 2019. Huawei’s new certification system will come into effect from March 1, as will new rules for advancement and recertification.

Huawei’s Certification System includes three categories: ICT Architecture Certification, Platform and Service Certification, and ICT Vertical Certification. ICT Architecture Certification focuses on both the hardware and software components of ICT infrastructure and provides certifications in 11 technical fields: Data Center, Storage, Server (in progress), Routing & Switching, WLAN, Security, SDN, Transmission, Access, LTE, and 5G. Those successful in attaining ICT Architecture Certification will be able to demonstrate knowledge of ICT infrastructure planning, construction, and maintenance. Meanwhile, the Platform and Service Certification focuses on new ICT such as AI, IoT, and Cloud and provides certifications in six technical fields: Cloud Computing, Cloud Service, Big Data, AI, IoT, and Enterprise Communication. Achieving the Platform and Service Certification signifies that the certificate holder is capable of integrating business, technologies, and applications. Furthermore, they will be able to build and operate cloud platforms and architectures in addition to developing new technical applications based on cloud platforms. Lastly, the ICT Vertical Certification focuses on an in-depth understanding of the ICT industry and provides certifications in two technical fields: Finance and Public Safety. Achieving the ICT Vertical Certification therefore indicates an understanding of ICT and other relevant industries.



At the same time, to facilitate examinees to obtain certificates of a proper level and let the recertification rules to adapt to the latest Huawei certification architecture, the following rules will be changed.

Prerequisite Rule:

The mandatory advance requirement between HCIA and HCIP has been cancelled, so that the HCIA certificate is not mandatory before obtaining the HCIP certificate. However, it is recommended that examinees learn and get the certificate following the certification path.

Recertification Rule:

Examinees can update the validity date of the certificate in any of the following cases before the certificate expires:
● Participate and pass any exam of the current certification.
● Participate and pass any exam of the higher level certification which from the same technical direction of the current certification.
● Participate and pass any exam of the same or higher level certification which from the same technical domain of the current certification.
The above new rules will be implemented on March 1, 2019.