• Indoor unit model:
  • Outdoor unit model:
  • Configure low-temperature component:
  • One-way pipe length (m):
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During nitrogen injection and pressure preservation or vacuuming, you only need to replace the refrigerant cylinder with a nitrogen cylinder or vacuum pump and retain the ports unchanged.

  • Recommended gas pipe diameter(in):NA
  • Recommended liquid pipe diameter(in):NA
  • Amount of refrigerant R410A to be added(kg):NA
  • Amount of refrigerant R410A to be purchased(tank):NA
  • Remarks:Amount of refrigerant to be purchased = Amount of refrigerant to be added x 1.1/11.3 1.1 is the calculation coefficient for the refrigerant that cannot be used from a full tank, and 11.3 is the weight (kg) of each tank of refrigerant delivered by Huawei. Refrigerant can be shared among air conditioners. Calculate the number of refrigerant tanks required based on the total number of air conditioners, and reserve a proper amount of redundancy.
  • Amount of refrigerant oil to be added(kg):NA
  • Amount of refrigerant oil to be purchased(L):NA
  • Remarks:NA
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