U2000 Overview

U2000 Brochure (Transport Domain)

For MSTP, WDM, RTN, and submarine NEs, the U2000 supports PnP, automatic deployment, batch provisioning of various services in a visible and controllable manner, intelligent fault diagnosis, and one-click service path diagnosis.

U2000 Brochure (Access Domain)

The U2000 can manage FTTx, OptiCable, broadband, integrated access networks and GPON NEs, EPON NEs, CMCs, CNUs, DSLAMs, and MSANs. It supports a maximum of 7,000,000lines and realizes PnP fast deployment, automatic batch service provisioning, and E2E visible fault diagnosis.

U2000 Brochure (IP Domain)

The U2000 can manage IP devices and supports fast plug-and-play deployment, visualized service provisioning, instrument-free measurement, and fault diagnosis in one-click mode.

Quick Start

Quick Start

Understand basic U2000 operations, including how to shut down the U2000 server and clients, lock or unlock U2000 clients, perform common operations in main windows, set the network disconnection alert sound, set operation log levels, and open the U2000 process list.

Understand the basic functions of the U2000.

Topology Management

Topology management is basic network O&M functions that the U2000 provides. By using the topology management functions, network maintenance personnel can construct and manage the topology structure of a network and monitor the status of the entire network in real time. Specifically, after associating NEs in a real network with visualized operation objects in the topology, maintenance personnel can learn networking of the NEs and NE status based on colors of NE icons, alarm status of NEs, connection status between NEs in the topology view. By using the topology management functions, maintenance personnel can manage NEs conveniently.

Easy Management of U2000 Alarms

Easy Management of U2000 Alarms quickly familiarizes you with transport, access, and IP alarm management.

Multimedia for iManager U2000 Authorization

Multimedia for iManager U2000 Authorization vividly describes the authorization principle from simple to difficult, helping you to efficiently perform security authorization and O&M.

Inventory Management

Inventory management covers network-wide physical resources and key logical configurations. U2000 allows you to query or collect statistics on network resources so that carriers' service planning and capacity expansion plans can be supported.

Performance Management

U2000 Performance Management System can collect historical performance data, monitor real-time performance data, present performance statistical and analysis results, and northbound performance data for single-domain (IP, access, or transport) and cross-domain NEs and networks.


Current version: V200R018C50

Current version: V200R017C60

Current version: V200R017C50

Current version: V200R016C50

Current version: V200R015C60

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