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Hardware Configuration Tool

Ethernet Cable Type
Cable Length (m)
Maximum Power Provided for a Single PD (W)
Number of PDs
Maximum Power Required by a Single PD from the PSE (W)
Total Power Required by PDs from the PSE (W)
Total power required (W):


PD: refers to a powered device, for example, a WLAN AP or camera.

PSE: refers to power sourcing equipment, for example, a PoE switch.

This tool uses the Ethernet cable specifications Cat5E (24 AWG), Cat6 (23 AWG), and Cat6A (23 AWG)

Each line shows the power required by PDs of the same type. For multiple types of PDs, click Add to calculate the power required by PDs of another type. The total power required is the sum of the power required by all types of PDs.

For details about the power supply capabilities and power supply modes supported by a switch, see Hardware Description of the corresponding model.