Agile ConController-DCN

T he Agile Controller-DCN is a next-generation SDN controller for enterprise and carrier DC markets and is a core component of the CloudFabric solution. For the position of the Agile Controller-DCN in the CloudFabric solution, see the logical architecture diagram of the solution.

  • The Agile Controller-DCN uses standard network protocols to manage network resources and interconnects with computing resources through standardized southbound interfaces to implement collaboration between computing and network resources. It can independently carry out service presentation and orchestration.

  • The Agile Controller-DCN also supports seamless interconnection with mainstream cloud platforms in the industry through standardized northbound interface openness capabilities. Cloud platforms provision services, and the Agile Controller-DCN maps services to logical models through interconnection interfaces and delivers the logical models to network devices.

  • Data is exchanged between Agile Controller-DCN and SecoManager to synchronize network service configurations and status between two control units.

The Agile Controller-DCN can centrally manage cloud data center networks and provide automatic mapping from applications to physical networks, resource pooling, and visualized O&M, helping customers build service-centric dynamic network service scheduling capabilities.