Data Center Network
Data center networks are the infrastructure of data center services, requiring computer systems, storage systems, communications systems, communication connections, and management and monitoring systems. Enterprises or organizations can store, manage, and advertise information in data centers.
Multiple data center networks can connect branches of enterprises or organizations in different areas. In addition, data center networks connect to the Internet, so that enterprises or organizations can access the Internet.
In a data center, data exchange is centralized and east-west traffic increases, posing the following requirements on the data center network: large scale, high scalability, enhanced robustness, low configuration costs, high bandwidths between servers, efficient network protocols, flexible topology and link capacity control, energy conservation, traffic isolation between services, and low costs. The traditional three-layer architecture cannot meet the requirements. A flattened, virtualized, programmable, and definable network architecture becomes a new trend of data center network development.
To meet the preceding requirements, data center networks begin to apply the VXLAN and SDN technologies. The technologies allow cloud platforms to implement adaptation and association between networks and services, improving resource usage and service provisioning efficiency.