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This issue introduces five classic cases related to the S2000 & S5000 series storage system.
For the troubleshooting methods of the following cases, click the link in each case to visit Huawei Knowledge Base.
Tip: You need to use an internal account for initial login to the Knowledge Base. After login, do not close the page to avoid a second required login when you view other cases.
[Case 1] Startup Failure Due To Inconsistency Between the Enclosure MAC and That Recorded by the Coffer DB
Symptom: During power-on of the storage device, the system cannot be started.
[Case 2] RAID Group Storage Space Discontinuity Due To LUN Deletion
Symptom: A 1 TB RAID group is created on the storage device and four 200 GB LUNs are created in the RAID group. After one LUN is deleted, available capacity is used to create a new LUN. The actual capacity of the new LUN is less than 400 GB.
[Case 3] RAID 5 Group Failure Due to Two Missing Member Disks
Symptom: Unable to read and write mapped LUNs correctly on an application server.
Log in to the ISM. In the navigation tree, unfold the storage device and choose Storage Resources > RAID Groups. Select the RAID group that you want to view. In the right function pane, click the Details tab. The Health Status of the RAID group is Failing. Click the LUN tab. The Health Status of the LUN in the RAID group is Failing.
[Case 4] Low Read Performance When Reading and Writing Large Files on LUNs Due to LUN Property Errors
Symptom: The read performance is low when reading and writing two large files on the same LUN, and the remaining time of read file copy keeps growing or is invisible on the application server.
[Case 5] File System Errors of Mapped LUNs Due To Network Cable Disconnection
Symptom: The network cable between the storage device and application server is disconnected during service running, and mapped LUNs on the application server have file system errors, such as file system read-only and mount failure.
For more S2000 and S5000 Series Disk Storage troubleshooting cases, visit Huawei Knowledge Base website.

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