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The T Series S5000T V100R005 and V200R001 Quick Maintenance Guide is launched for you and covers the following contents:

   l  Precise and clear maintenance process

   l  Illustrated information collection guide

   l  Comprehensive routine maintenance scenarios

  The Quick Maintenance Guide is designed to help you quickly understand how to maintain and troubleshoot the S5000T with 15 illustrated pages.

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  Advantage 1: precise and clear maintenance process

 The clear maintenance flowchart helps you quickly understand critical maintenance operations.


 Advantage 2: illustrated information collection guide

 The ISM screenshots and accompanied description make operations clear, reducing the information collection time and misoperations.


 Advantage 3: comprehensive routine maintenance scenarios

 The added Checking Storage System Performance section makes routine maintenance scenarios more comprehensive.




OceanStor S2200T&S2600T&S5500T&S5600T&S5800T&S6800T Storage System V100R005 Quick  Maintenance Guide  (SAN Volume) 04

T Series V100R005 Quick Maintenance Guide

OceanStor S2200TS5500T&S5600T&S5800T&S6800T Storage System V100R005 Quick  Maintenance Guide  (SAN Volume) 04

T Series V200R001 Quick Maintenance Guide



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