This issue introduces T Series V1R5 Virtual Snapshot Feature. The following aspects are covered.

l  Application scenarios

l  Implementation principles

l  Use instances

The feature guide covers all preceding aspects and helps you quickly learn about implementation principles of the virtual snapshot feature and use this feature in actual services.

Major Content

l  Actual user requirement-oriented application scenarios

Based on user requirements, application scenarios are described in line with the situation, complication, question, and answer (SCQA) principle. In this way, users get a better understanding of the application scenarios.






l  Clear principle description by combining figures and texts

A timeline enables users to easily learn about data changes.



l  Configuration instances focused on analysis and planning

Detailed requirement analysis and configuration planning help users analyze actual service scenarios by drawing inferences from one instance and flexibly use the virtual snapshot feature. Operations are easy and clear. The screenshots of operation entrance and critical steps enable easy operations of users.




Application Effects

l  Reorganization from customers outside China

Customers in Poland reach an agreement that the Snapshot Feature Guide can serve as an entry-level document to help them learn about principles of the virtual snapshot feature.

From the perspective of experts, the Snapshot Feature Guide is the desired low-level document that can be a reference for a training solution.

l  Favorable reception in internal verification

28 persons experience the availability. The average completion time is 30 minutes. The document availability wins more than 85 scores.

Comments from 28 persons:

The document is highly qualified to guide users with figures of key operations.

The document provides a complete operation process. Users can learn about the whole process before performing operations and locate the correct operation in the process.

l  LMT training courses

70% contents in the training course of the OceanStor T Series Advanced Function Configuration Virtual Snapshot are from the Virtual Snapshot Feature Guide.

How to obtain ?

Click and Download Virtual Snapshot Feature Guide

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