This issue introduces the web networking assistant for storage products.

The web networking assistant integrates function modules for querying basic network information, studying site networking cases, customizing networking requirements, and expanding the network.

Compared with traditional networking under the guidance of documents, the web networking assistant improves your networking efficiency by more than 70%. With the web networking assistant, you do not have to learn complicated networking rules. After you input configuration information, the web networking assistant displays an accurate and optimal networking topology immediately. You can quickly complete the networking with ease even in complicated networking scenarios.

User Benefits

Ø  Querying basic network information


You can learn about all networking solutions of a storage product by just one click.


Ø  Customizing networking requirements


After you input your networking requirements, the web networking assistant provides you with a satisfying networking solution.


Ø  Studying site networking cases

You can learn about the configurations and networking solutions of a storage product on typical sites.

The web networking assistant provides you with a solution platform on which you can query, read, and learn related networking information.

Ø  Expanding the network

You can learn about the networking solutions of a storage product in all expansion scenarios.

You do not have to worry about expansion because the web networking assistant will make your expansion networking accurate and fast.

The last two function modules are in construction. They are available in the next version.

Logging In to the Web Networking Assistant

To log in to the web networking assistant, go to

Then you can use it online.

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