IT Product Developer Graph Library   IT Product Multi-Media Videos
Huawei Storage Information Self-Service Platform   Huawei Server Information Self-Service Platform
Huawei FusionCloud Information Self-Service Platform   Huawei IT Solution Information Self-Service Platform
This platform integrates knowledge resources (e.g. bulletins, software, tools, documentation, training, and multimedia materials), and allows employees to quickly obtain the information they need for specific scenarios and tasks, thus greatly facilitating delivery, training, and maintenance.
DIMM Configuration Assistant   Server Product Compatibility Checker
E9000 Networking Assistant    
HUAWEI Rack Server Product Documentation   RH1288 V3 Server User Guide
RH2288 V3 Server User Guide   RH2288H V3 Server User Guide
E9000 Blade Server Product Documentation   CH121 V3 Compute Node User Guide
CH140 V3 Compute Node User Guide   CH220 V3 Compute Node User Guide
CH222 V3 Compute Node User Guide   CH226 V3 Compute Node User Guide
X6800 Server Product Documentation   Server Grantley Platform BIOS Parameter Reference
Server RAID Controller Card User Guide   Server OS Installation Guide
Rack Server iBMC User Guide    
RH5885 V3 Server Hardware Multimedia   RH5885H V3 Server Hardware Multimedia
RH8100 V3 Server Hardware Multimedia   CH222 V3 Compute Node Hardware Multimedia
CH242 V3 Compute Node Hardware Multimedia   X6800 Server Hardware Multimedia
Storage Product Networking Assistant   Storage Product Power Consumption Calculator
Storage Product Compatibility Check Assistant    
OceanStor V3    
V3 Performance Monitoring Guide   5300 V3&5500 V3&5600 V3&5800 V3&6800 V3 Product Documentation
V2 Performance Monitoring Guide   18000 Performance Monitoring Guide
OceanStor 9000    
Best Practices   LLD Template
Product Documentation   Planning Guide
Administrator Guide   feature Guide
Client Operation Guide   Performance Tuning
Delivery Guide    
OceanStor eBackup    
eBackup Product Introduction   eBackup User Guide
Utilize VM backup and restore to protect your applications and key data in the cloud.   Say goodbye to your configuration worries with process-based initial configuration and complete control over backup and restore service management.
The World in the Cloud Series    
Easily learn about Huawei’s cloud computing products via this sections illustrated information.
Compatibility Assistant   Networking Assistant
Query information on the compatibility of Huawei’s products with mainstream vendors’ products.   Obtain a connection diagram by selecting the network elements you need. You can also customize a diagram by submitting a customization request.
FusionSphere Solution Documentation   FusionSphere Installation Guide (Using FusionSphere Installer)
FusionSphere Quick User Guide   FusionCompute Multimedia
FusionManager Multimedia   FusionStorage Software Installation Guide
FusionCloud Desktop Software Installation Guide
(Quick Guide) FusionCloud Desktop Quick Installation and Configuration Guide
FusionCloud Desktop Virtual Desktop Management Guide
(Quick Guide) FusionCloud Desktop Quick Service Provisioning Guide
(Quick Guide) FusionInsight HD V100R002C50 Quick Installation Guide 01   FusionInsight HD V100R002C50 Administrator Guide 02
Data Center Solution  
DC2 Infographic   DC2 Video
Learn all about Huawei’s DC2 in just five minutes.   In this video, two CIOs met during the HCC conference. They share interesting stories and discuss how to resolve longstanding problems.
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