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Development Trends and Solutions
Enabling digital transformation through ALL CLOUD
-By Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu
We aim to help enterprise customers navigate the digital transition towards agility and intelligence.
Flexible Software-Defined Networking Solutions for the Agile Enterprise
Fully programmable, SDN-enabled infrastructure improves scalability and makes provisioning services up to 4 times faster than traditional methods.
Accelerate Innovation with FusionSphere Cloud Computing
Huawei Cloud Computing Solutions with tightly integrated access, storage, desktop, and mobile technologies bring high-availability, secure IT services to life.
Recommended Applications
Huawei cloud storage shines at CERN
Huawei became a CERN openlab contributor in 2012 and is now a CERN openlab partner since 2013.
Building a Future-Proof Cloud Computing Center
Abraxas selects Huawei to create a cloud computing data center for network and deployment services.
INVA creates better network for Aosta Valley
Service provider INVA uses Huawei large capacity switches to build better, less expensive network.
Easier Work-oriented Support
AR Router: Selected and multimedia-featured Documents
Integrated Knowledge Resources of Enterprise Networking
Huawei Server Self-service Center
Storage Delivery Cases, Inspiration for Solution Designers
Collection of 2016 IT Featured Product
Best Enterprise Network information tool platform
Switch CSS&iStack Assistant
Storage Networking Assistant
Server DIMM Configuration Assistant
OceanStor Interoperability Navigator
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Giving Comments and Win a Huawei Watch
1.Go to the product and release documentation that interest you.
2.Input your comments (questions, suggestions, experience etc.) after reading the documentation.
Sharing Your Existing Cases and Win Amazon Gift Cards
Send your available cases  by email or post it in the forum.
Note: The case template is for your reference.
Expreience Multimedia and Win P9
1.Go to the multimedia documentation that interest you.
2.Input your comments (questions, suggestions, experience etc.) after experiencing the documentation.
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