Installation/Configuration Videos for Switch, Router and Access Network
This newsletter brings you videos on Huawei switch, router, and access network products. These videos provide general information about the products and how to install, upgrade, configure, commission, operate, and maintain them. We hope these videos will give you a better understanding of Huawei Network products and enable you to quickly and skillfully apply your knowledge.
1. Switch: five types of scenarios and 100+ videos
2. Access Network: 40 videos relating to installation, upgrading, and generation information about the products
3. Router: application of AR routers
Switch Support Videos

Learn About Products videos
(on products such as CE8860, S5720HI, and S5720LI)

Configuration and commissioning
of features such as VRRP, DHCP, and ACL

Operation and maintenance guides
(including Replacing Power Modules, Replacing a CSS Subcard)

Access Network Support Videos

Learn About Products videos
(on features such as GPON, VoIP,, and Vectoring)

Installation and upgrade guides
(for products such as MA5600T and MA5633)

End-to-end configuration
of the FTTH, FTTBC, FTTO and D-CCAP solutions

AR Router Support Videos
Showing the highlights and application scenarios
To learn more about Huawei products, please follow Huawei Documentation Insights on YouTube.
Please tell us if there is a video you’d like to see. We will arrange for production of the video if enough customers request it. Thank you very much for your support.
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