EBG Customer and Channel Partner Satisfaction and Improvements for Top N Issues: Document Navigator Campaign
The Offering Documentation Competence Committee has carried out the Document Navigator Campaign for the third consecutive year under the guidance and support of EBG's Quality & Operations Dept, Technical Service Dept, and rep offices. As of Sept. 2017, progress is as follows:
1. Conducted in-depth interviews with 251 users of 49 NCs and 10 NAs from 14 countries
Three directors and 13 documentation experts have been assigned to interview NAs and channel partners (including executives) from Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Russia, UK, France, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand; went over Huawei's document improvement history and latest premium documents; answered customer questions; and worked with customers and channel partners to develop improvement solutions.
Product manager of ALSO (Huawei's distributor in Germany) and Director of the Network Information Dept
Product manager of Arrow (Huawei's distributor in Italy), Director of the Corporate Information Dept, and experts of the Network Information Dept
CIO of Rostec (a Russian enterprise) and experts of the IBS, Corporate Information Dept, and Network Information Dept
Hong Kong customer TGT and experts of the Corporate Information Dept, Network Information Dept, and Documentation Dept of the IT Product Line
2. Collected 570 useful suggestions and user requirements, of which 76% have been addressed
• In countries where we conducted in-depth interviews, documentation experts helped users address their issues on a point-to-point basis.
• Promoted the new online feedback platform on which users can submit their document issues and suggestions. Treolan, Huawei's distributor in Russia, is using the platform to interact with R&D document writers.
3. Attended 8 channel conferences in 6 countries and provided 10 training sessions for channel partners; included presentation on document acquisition and latest documents in channel conferences held in France, Russia, and Italy
In April, Director of French Channel Business Dept delivered a presentation on document acquisition at Huawei Western Europe Channel Conference.
In May, a local employee of the Russia Rep Office provided channel partners with training on how to use Huawei's documents.
In June, a channel manager gave a presentation on Huawei's product documentation at Huawei Italian Channel Conference.
Premium documents which impressed customers and channel partners most in 2017
Image recognition and AR technologies are applied in documentation. Users can see 3D pictures of products by scanning a 2D product picture and learn about product details via interaction.
3D documents provide a 360 degree view of equipment, enable users to learn about the specifications, cooling performance, features, and advantages of our equipment, and help field employees and channel partners expand sales channels more effectively.
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1,000+ videos on the inner workings, installation, and testing and commissioning of equipment are provided to help customers quickly improve their work abilities.
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100+ documentation tools are offered to support comparison of specifications, network configuration, and feature query, making users work more easily and efficiently.
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Support-E: a one-stop portal on which users can get all premium documents.
If you have any questions or feedback on the Document Navigator Campaign or offering documentation,
please contact document@huawei.com
EBG's Quality & Operations Dept and Offering Documentation Competence Committee